Get Rid of Old Furniture with Master Dumper

Furniture Removal & Hauling Services Near Delaware, Ohio

Furniture Removal & Hauling Services Near Delaware, Ohio

Getting rid of old furniture in Delaware, Ohio, can be stressful. Lifting heavy objects is hard on your back. And where do you dump it? Whether your grandfather was a hoarder and you need an entire estate cleaned out, or you want that outdated entertainment center in the living room picked up, we at Master Dumper are pros at eco-friendly furniture disposal, as well as trusted locals in the Delaware, Ohio community. So when it comes time to brighten your home or refresh your office with a sleek new look, call Master Dumper for quick, reliable furniture-hauling services.

Old Furniture Hauling for Residential & Commercial Customers

What Types of Furniture Does Master Dumper Haul?

All furniture can wear out with time. When you can no longer see your reflection in the haze of that free-standing mirror, instead of risking seven years of bad luck by removing it yourself, contact Master Dumper and let us take the chance. Whether it’s wooden, wicker, plastic, metal, glass, or bamboo, we haul all types of furniture, including:

  • Sofa/couch and loveseat removal

  • Coffee table removal
  • China cabinet and hutch removal
  • Dining room table and chair removal
  • Desk removal
  • Bookcase and filing cabinet removal
  • Room divider removal
  • Full-length and wall mirror removal
  • Carpet and rug removal
  • Mattress and futon removal
  • Bed frame removal
  • Armoire and wardrobe removal
  • Storage bench removal
  • Dresser and drawer unit removal
  • Entertainment center removal
  • Pool table removal
  • Musical instrument removal

What Are My Options for Removing Old Furniture?


You know that piano you inherited from Aunt Mary? Before learning to play it, you must hire someone to tune it and invest in a music teacher. Unless you’re determined to become the next Beethoven, your keyboard may serve a higher purpose in the hands of a budding musician. If you’ve got quality furniture that someone in need would appreciate, consider donating it to charity.


One man’s scruffy old workbench is another one’s solid tool table with character. What is no longer useful to you can be the exact piece of furniture someone has been looking for. Take a photo, post it on social media, and get cash for a new item.


Some retailers will haul away your old item of furniture for free or a nominal fee when they deliver your new purchase.


If your old furniture contains a substantial amount of metal, you can recycle most scrap metal for cash payments at your local recycling yard if you haul it there yourself.

Contact Master Dumper!

Don’t want to worry about it? We make it easy to get rid of old furniture in Delaware, Ohio! We’ll handle all lifting, removal, and hauling for you. Contact us today for a quote

Delaware, OH Furniture Pickup and Removal Done For You

 A fast, simple solution is to contact Master Dumper for a free quote. We are a local, family-owned business trusted by the community and can whisk away your junk without the hassle. 

What Our Clients Are Saying

We’re always happy to leave customers satisfied and junk-free. Here’s what some of them had to say about working with Master Dumper.

Master Dumper came out to my grandmother’s house to clear all the clutter of her porch. They were 100 dollars cheaper than all 3 other companies we have gotten quotes from. Really nice and very professional people couldn’t be happier with the results.

Chris E.

We had a 12×8 Older Wooden Shed that needed to be torn down and removed from our home. Master Dumper did a fantastic job! We would highly recommend this company. Communication was great and the job that was done from start to finish was simply the BEST…Thank you Master Dumper!

Brandon C.

We do the heavy lifting!

Hassle-Free Furniture Removal, Hauling, and Recycling

Hassle-Free Furniture Removal, Hauling, and Recycling

Why choose Master Dumper?

We are a local, family-owned company with solid roots in the community. You are our neighbors, and we value your time and your property. We are experts at hauling away your old furniture safely and effectively with minimum impact on your home or office. We are rewarded when we take away your stress and give you back your space. We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured.

Master Dumper is based in Delaware, Ohio

Because we live and work in Central Ohio, we are environmental stakeholders. We want to be sure that unwanted furniture is disposed of in an eco-friendly fashion and does not create eyesores for our community. We haul and remove furniture in Delaware, Powell, Sunbury, Lewis Center, Radnor, Worthington, Westerville, Columbus, and the surrounding areas. 

Furniture Removal FAQ

Furniture Removal FAQ

How do I get rid of old furniture in Delaware, Ohio?

The Delaware County Transfer Station is one option, but you’ve got to load it up and haul it out there. Another option is through the City of Delaware. They offer bulk item collection for a fee. However, you’ve got to get it out to the curb yourself. Certain items like mattresses and box springs need special preparation. The stress-free approach is to hire a junk removal service like Master Dumper to handle all of the lifting and hauling on your behalf! Contact us today for a quote

How can I get rid of old furniture for free? Will anyone pick up old furniture for free?

National Kidney Services, whose mission is to raise awareness of chronic kidney disease, will pick up furniture and clothing donations from residents of Delaware, Ohio, and the surrounding communities for free. Also, The Furniture Bank will pick up your furniture donations for free if you place the items outside and meet their donation standards, such as no rips, tears, stains, or pet hair; otherwise, they will charge you a fee. Or you can contact Master Dumper. We will come inside your house and haul away any furniture, no matter where it is located or what condition it is in, and dispose of it quickly and efficiently without you doing a thing.

How much does it cost to get rid of and haul away furniture?

How bulky the furniture is and how many items you want to have hauled away will determine the price of removal. Master Dumper charges by the space, not by the weight. We provide free upfront quotes with no hidden charges and stake our reputation on being fair and transparent. We want you to feel like you got your money’s worth. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation furniture removal quote.

How does Master Dumper dispose of old furniture?

After we evaluate the condition of your old furniture, we decide the best method to dispose of it. We might donate good quality furniture to a church or charity to ensure it finds new life with people who need it. For furniture that is beyond repair or unsanitary, we work with your local government to recycle or scrap it properly. When you contact Master Dumper to pick up your old furniture, you can be confident that we will dispose of it with the friendliest environmental impact.