Property Cleanout Services – Apartment, House, and Estate Cleanouts and Junk Removal Services

House, Estate, & Property Cleanout Services in Delaware, Ohio

House, Estate, & Property Cleanout Services in Delaware, Ohio

Property cleanouts in Central Ohio come in a variety of sizes and challenges. Partial cleanouts focus on hauling the junk out of spaces like attics, basements, and garages. Complete property cleanouts tackle whole estates, houses, and apartments – even entire offices and warehouses.

We understand that confronting the chaos on your particular property can be overwhelming. Where to start? Master Dumper is here to help! We offer professional, full-service cleanout services in Delaware, Ohio, and the surrounding areas. 

Types of Cleanouts

Residential home

House Cleanouts

Whether you’re moving to a new home or planning to make extensive renovations to your existing residence, you need to haul all the junk out of your house. Removing and thoughtfully disposing of an entire house full of old appliances and worn-out furniture is a feat best left to the professionals. After you collect your valuables and organize all your important documents, call Master Dumper to clean out the junk and leave your house looking pristine.

Estate sale sign

Estate Cleanouts

Cleaning out an estate often involves unhappy circumstances like the death of a loved one, a senior moving into assisted living, or an unfortunate divorce. Valuable objects might be contested among family members, while other items conjure up wistful memories. Grief and anxiety can add to an already overwhelming task. Whether you are an estate liquidator selling off a property or a responsible member of the family, the professional estate cleanout services of Master Dumper ensure a smooth, fast, and efficient transition to the next phase of the estate.

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Eviction notice

Eviction Cleanouts

Are you a landlord who needs help with a house or apartment cleanout after a messy eviction? Did the last residents skip out on the rent and leave destruction in their wake? Master Dumper can quickly clear out the confusion the rascals left behind and restore order to your property and sanity to your life. We will prepare your rental for the next tenants so you can concentrate on finding more worthy occupants.

Apartment building

Apartment Cleanouts

Maybe you’re relocating to a new job out-of-state or broke up with your partner and want to leave the past behind. While you look forward to the future, we will clear out your apartment and dispose of unwanted objects in the most ethical way. When possible, we will donate your usable items to charities and churches in the community so you can help people who need a lift.

Hoarder yard

Hoarding Cleanouts

In 2013, the American Psychiatric Association recognized hoarding as a mental disorder that requires special attention under Fair Housing Laws. Hoarding is a condition that can create a dangerous living environment. A home becomes so cluttered with useless rubbish that only narrow pathways wind through stacks of stuff. Countertops covered with empty bottles and pizza boxes, and ovens jammed with newspapers, create health and fire hazards. Master Dumper can work with property management to meet the legal requirements to help a hoarder reclaim their home. If all reasonable efforts to accommodate the hoarder have failed, we will haul away the junk after an eviction and dispose of it in an eco-friendly fashion.

Foreclosed home boarded up

Foreclosure Cleanouts

Removing the junk for a foreclosure cleanout can present distinct problems. The former residents often leave everything behind – furniture, clothing, stained mattresses, and loads of trash. If they’re angry enough about the foreclosure, they sometimes do deliberate damage, shattering windows and breaking pipes. Whether you’re a lender or realtor trying to get the property in shape to sell, or a buyer looking to flip the property and make a profit, we at Master Dumper are a professional foreclosure cleanout service that hauls all your problems away.

Clean attic

Attic Cleanouts

Is it time to turn your spooky attic filled with torn lampshades and the portrait of Dorian Gray into a sleek, private man cave? Do you hear things that go bump in the night and wonder if there is an actual ghost up there or creepy critters that lurk in the dark? Depending on the size of your attic, whether you want to free up more organizational space or gain an extra bedroom, call the pros at Master Dumper for a swift and thorough attic cleanout.

Clean basement

Basement Cleanouts

Basements are notorious for turning into in-house dumping grounds, attracting everything from broken refrigerators to black-and-white television sets. Maybe there is an untuned piano down there or a warped pool table with bumps and holes in the felt. If it’s time to update your laundry room with a smart washer and dryer, take the opportunity to contact Master Dumper for a full basement cleanout and leave the heavy lifting to us.

Outdoor junk in yard

Yard and Site Cleanups

A yard or outdoor site does not only need leaves raked and trees trimmed to look good and stay healthy. The corners of your yard are magnets for junk like plasterboard, window frames, old timber, shingles, and cinder blocks. Maybe the shed where you store your lawnmower has seen better days. And above-ground pools and barbeque grills don’t last forever and are difficult to dispose of. Master Dumper is ready to help with your yard cleanup so you can invite the neighbors over and show them that the grass really is greener on your side of the fence.

Office chairs and equipment

Office Cleanouts

An office cleanout comes with its own set of demands. Whether you’re upgrading your current working space or moving to a different neighborhood, broken technology, clunky desks, and chairs that don’t swivel need to be disposed of in a sustainable fashion. And what about that outdated copy machine? Master Dumper can maneuver every corner of any hallway and clean out your office with minimum disruption to you and your staff. 

Condo Cleanout Before and After

See Master Dumper’s cleanout services in action. You could hardly see the floor in this condominium. We helped the investor clear the entire space so he could prepare to have it cleaned and made livable again.

Before photo - a condo full of junk after a tenant moved outAfter image - empty condo cleanout performed by Master Dumper

Who We Serve

What Our Clients Are Saying

We’re always happy to leave customers satisfied and junk-free. Here’s what some of them had to say about working with Master Dumper.

Master Dumper came out to my grandmother’s house to clear all the clutter of her porch. They were 100 dollars cheaper than all 3 other companies we have gotten quotes from. Really nice and very professional people couldn’t be happier with the results.

Chris E.

We had a 12×8 Older Wooden Shed that needed to be torn down and removed from our home. Master Dumper did a fantastic job! We would highly recommend this company. Communication was great and the job that was done from start to finish was simply the BEST…Thank you Master Dumper!

Brandon C.

We do the heavy lifting!

How Do Property Cleanout Projects Work?

How Do Property Cleanout Projects Work?

At Master Dumper, we understand that property cleanout projects can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve made the process as simple and stress-free as possible for our customers.

  1. Let us know what type of property cleanout service you need, where, and when.
  2. Get a quote.
  3. We’ll be there at a time that fits your schedule.
  4. Relax and let us do the heavy lifting.

With Master Dumper, you can trust that your property will be left spotless and clutter-free. Contact us today to learn more about our property cleanout services.